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  • How to remove worms from a person? What folk remedies are most effective? How to quickly get rid of pests at home with pumpkin seeds? The answer to these and other questions in the article.
    24 July 2022
  • This article explains how to tell if a child or an adult has worms. What to do if you suspect parasites in the body, what tests to perform and how to be treated in the presence of helminths.
    13 July 2022
  • Types of parasites and symptoms of infection. Simple folk remedies for parasites in the intestines, which can be used at home.
    8 January 2022
  • What is the danger of infection with helminths and how to determine the presence of parasites in the human body, what signs indicate it, as well as how to carry out a self-diagnosis and what tests are necessary.
    8 January 2022
  • Symptoms of the presence of parasites in the body. Methods of treating helminthic invasion with the help of folk and pharmaceutical remedies.
    3 January 2021