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  • The simplest human parasites: a table of types of protozoa, methods and symptoms of infection with them, differences between protozoa and helminths.
    14 January 2022
  • How to get rid of parasites in the body, parasites in human body, health risks, signs of parasitic infection, parasite remedies, diagnosis and treatment with drugs, measures to prevent theappearance of helminthiasis.
    12 January 2021
  • What parasites can live in the human body. How to determine the presence of a parasitic invasion inside the body by the symptoms of various organs and systems.
    5 January 2021
  • Types of parasites in the body, reasons for their appearance and characteristic symptoms. The negative impact of helminths on human organs and systems. Diagnostic methods and therapy options with drugs and folk remedies. Prevention of infections.
    2 January 2021